A beach wedding can help to give your special day a picturesque and relaxed vibe that everyone in attendance enjoys. When you're planning this type of wedding, you'll have your fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate. While this will hopefully be the case, it's important to have some plans about what you'll do in the event of inclement weather. Rain doesn't have to ruin your beach wedding, and thinking in advance about a few topics will mean that if rain starts to fall, you won't have to worry. Here are three ways to be ready for inclement weather when you plan your beach wedding.


The idea of getting married and having your reception on the beach is very appealing, but you won't want to be standing out in the open if it starts to rain. It's imperative for you to have a tent available at your wedding site. Should the weather turn poor, you can simply move everything under the tent and proceed without any worries. You'll want to ensure that the tent is large enough to accommodate everyone who will be in attendance. Even if it's not raining, you may find that some of your guests decide to sit in the tent because of the shade that it offers.


While you'll ideally be able to spend your entire wedding day standing and walking on the dry sand on the beach, you'll need a backup plan in the event of rain. If it rains, the sand will quickly become wet and messy. There are a few different flooring options to consider. When you rent a tent, you can also rent a floor that will cover the sand beneath the tent. Additionally, you might want to rent some mats that you can place in certain areas for people to walk. Those who wear long dresses, in particular, will appreciate that their clothing isn't dragging in the wet sand.


A simple thing to add to your beach wedding is a selection of umbrellas. In the event of rain, your guests can borrow them to provide shelter when they move through open spaces. For example, you might wish to have a selection of umbrellas that people can grab when they need to walk to their vehicles. You might even think about recruiting some of your wedding guests to greet others with umbrellas and escort them from their vehicles to the tent. Ideally, you'll have sunny weather for your beach wedding, but having these plans in place will be valuable in the event of rain.