While planning your wedding, you must think about many important details such as the location, venue type, cost, vendors, and the number of guests. Before choosing the venue, you should check out multiple venues in person to help you narrow down your options. Another thing worth doing is to prioritize wedding venues with a higher guest capacity than you need.

Guest Changes

Reserving a venue far in advance can give you peace of mind and help you land venues that book up early. This can lead to reserving a wedding that takes place in a year or two. Many things can happen in the time leading up to the day of your wedding. For instance, you may get a new job or move to a new area and meet a bunch of people that become your friends.

Picking a venue that can handle extra guests allows you to invite these people to your wedding instead of leaving them out due to limited guest capacity.


When a venue states that it can accommodate 100 guests, you should be able to bring in 100 guests without the space feeling cramped. However, you may appreciate getting so much space that you can move around freely in any direction. You can guarantee this for your wedding by choosing a venue that can accommodate more guests than you plan on showing up.


A sizable venue gives you the flexibility to make certain decisions for your wedding. For instance, you can pick large chairs and tables for the reception. Large tables make it possible to put oversized centerpieces on display that you would have trouble fitting on a regular-sized table.

Another possibility is switching from six to eight-person reception tables to more intimate ones with only three to five people. Increasing the total number of tables will demand more space, which you can easily get by prioritizing a venue with a higher guest capacity than you need.


A tight space can make it difficult when picking vendors. For instance, playing music from a speaker system does not need to use much or any room depending on if the venue has built-in speakers. But bringing in a live band means that you must give them dedicated space. You can feel confident about hiring a band for your wedding when you choose a large enough venue.

Pick a wedding venue that can accommodate extra guests to enjoy these benefits. To get started, reach out to local wedding venues.