Planning a wedding can be nerve-racking. Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect since it's one of the most unique and special days in anyone's life. The first step to planning an excellent wedding is choosing a venue. While churches are traditional venues, many people want something more original. If you want to create a beautiful wedding that your guests will remember for years, consider choosing an outdoor rooftop venue. Here are four benefits of holding your wedding at an outdoor rooftop wedding venue:

1. Keep your guest list manageable.

Many couples feel pressured to create an extensive guest list for their wedding, even if they prefer a more intimate ceremony. Choosing a rooftop wedding venue will give you an excellent reason to keep your guest list manageable. You can avoid confrontation with your family members by picking a venue in line with your wedding party desires. Many people find that their families are more accommodating about guest list restrictions when they have access to specific guidelines laid out by a venue.

2. Enjoy an unparalleled view.

When you're high atop a roof, you have the opportunity to take advantage of an unparalleled view. In urban settings, you can look at the city below, enjoying all the lights and colors without any of the noise. Rooftop venues in rural areas will allow you to take advantage of an unspoiled view of nature. Make your wedding beautiful by choosing an outdoor rooftop venue.

3. Capture unique photographs.

Hiring a wedding photographer is a common practice among engaged couples. A professional photographer can help you capture your special day in perfect detail. A mixture of posed and candid photos will allow you to retain beautiful memories of your wedding, and a rooftop wedding venue is the perfect backdrop for gorgeous photos. You can take posed photographs at the edge of the roof for unique pictures that will look like professional shots out of a magazine. Schedule your wedding for sunrise or sunset for especially sensational photographs.

4. Practice social distancing.

Social distancing remains important to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Some people have decided to postpone their events due to the coronavirus. However, you can still have your wedding if you follow safe gathering guidelines. An outdoor rooftop wedding venue can accommodate your social distancing needs. Place chairs six feet apart to help guests maintain the appropriate distance. Outdoor settings are widely considered to be safer than indoor settings since exhaled droplets have the opportunity to disperse.