Every bride wants to look absolutely stunning on her wedding day. Her hair must be perfect. Her makeup must be perfect. Her nails must be perfect. Most importantly, her dress must be perfect. While her bridesmaids and her mother will likely give feedback on which dresses look best, a woman cannot always trust her gal pals to be 100 percent honest — or accurate — in their critiques.

Additionally, what looks nice on the rack may not look right once it's on her, and trying on dozens of dresses that don't work can quickly get depressing and disheartening. Therefore, it is best for a bride to have a basic understanding of which dresses look best on which body types. Here is a brief guide to study before going dress shopping.

Petite Brides

Brides who are short in stature can still be grand in style if they choose the right dress. If you are a short woman, a simple dress is best. This doesn't mean you can't have a little bit of bling, but it does mean you should choose a form-fitting sheath dress or perhaps an A-line dress. If you chose a dress with a lot of ruffles and fluff, you can drown in the dress. You want people to notice you coming down the aisle first and your dress second, not the other way around. A simple dress will be most flattering and will allow all of you to shine.

Full-Figured Brides

Like petite women, full-figured brides should not choose a wedding gown with a lot of ruffles or a design that will make them look large. If you are a plus-sized woman, you may also have an area of your body you wish to disguise. For example, if you have a large belly, a wedding gown with an empire waist, which sits just below the bust, and a free-flowing skirt will do an excellent job of drawing attention away from your belly. Emphasizing the bosom can do the same.

"Tomboy" Brides

If you are tall, slim, and straight, without much in the way of curves in the bust, waist, or hips, you may want a wedding dress that will artificially create the illusion of a curvy figure. These are the women who can and should choose the dresses with extra detailing, including ruffles and fluff. Lots of petticoats will create full skirts. Strategically placed padding and rhinestones will enhance the bust, as will spaghetti straps or a bustier-style top. 

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