A rustic wedding theme gives you plenty of ways to add a sense of whimsy and charm to your special day. While your ceremony is the main focus, you also want to make sure to carry out the theme to your wedding reception and the other events surrounding your day. Farm table rentals give you an instant way to keep the theme going throughout every aspect of your wedding venue, and you can use these tips to add those extra special touches that make your guests feel immersed in the theme.

Add a Rustic Table Runner

Most farm tables are made with beautiful wood that ranges from light to dark brown. This gives you the perfect backdrop to show off your style with the perfect table runner. In the past, burlap table runners were an easy pick since they keep with the rustic theme. However, you might consider using a table runner made from colorful canvas or vintage lace. If you have a seamstress in the family, ask them to sew a few simple quilted runners to really add a personal touch of style.

Choose Reusable Centerpieces

On a real farm, families often put great effort into making sure that nothing goes to waste. You can keep up this tradition and give your wedding an eco-friendly touch by choosing centerpieces that your guests can use right there at your wedding or take home afterwards. Think large wooden or crystal bowls with lots of farm fresh fruit. Alternatively, you can set up containers of freshly planted herbs that your guests can continue growing on their windowsills at home. If you prefer floral centerpieces, choose ones that are living and hand them out to your loved ones as takeaways at the end of the event.

Use Classic Serving Ware

Wedding farm table rentals look amazing with classic serving ware surrounded by fresh flowers and plants. Select basic white plates that show off the fresh food that you serve at your reception or bridal party. If you prefer some color on the table, try adding blue glassware to further carry out the farmhouse theme.

Your wedding day is exciting, and you can have tons of fun outfitting your farm tables with rustic decor and serving ware that dazzles your guests. As you do, remember that simple is often best. The right basic elements should all come together to give your wedding a charming look that allows you to enjoy every moment of your special day.