When you begin to plan your special day, you'll have a lot of big and important decisions to make. One of those decisions involves choosing a great wedding reception venue. No matter what type of wedding you're planning to have, there are many great reception venues out there. Here are some helpful tips to make choosing a great wedding reception venue a lot easier! 

Think About the Location

When you choose a wedding reception venue, you should consider the location and distance from your wedding ceremony. For those who don't choose to have their ceremony and reception in the same place, it's essential to pick locations that will work for the guests who plan to attend either or both events.

Consider Your Guest List Size

You want to have a venue with plenty of space for everyone. As you begin to think about a location, take a look at your guest list size to figure out how many people you expect to attend. You want something with plenty of room, but don't want it to feel too big, either! 

Consider the Style of Your Wedding

What type of style or look are you going for? There is a mix of venues out there that offer different atmospheres. Whether you're looking to have a truly luxury wedding experience or prefer a more DIY, outdoorsy look, there is something that is perfect for you and your partner. 

See if Staff is Available to Help

Some wedding venues come with dedicated staff. This may include servers for your food and drink needs or a wedding planner. When looking at potential venues, it's a good idea to ask about whether they provide staff or not. This can be one less cost and chore for you to have to hire staff on your own! 

See if a Preferred Caterer is Required 

Some venues require you to use their preferred caterer. If you already have a caterer in mind or don't like the preferred caterer's options, this may make it easier for you to make a decision. Always be sure to ask about this so that there are no surprises later on. 

Be Sure to Visit in Person

Finally, you need to visit each potential venue in person. This gives you a way better look at the space and can help you make the right choice for your needs. Wedding reception venues offer tours and can answer your questions every step of the way!

Choosing a great wedding reception venue doesn't have to be tricky. Consider the above tips so that you have the perfect space to celebrate your marriage with friends and family!