If you are looking for a venue other than a church for your wedding, a resort wedding chapel might be the perfect location for you. There are lots of great benefits to hosting your wedding in one of these chapels, giving you a wonderful way to make your day as special as you want it to be.

All-Inclusive Wedding Packages

Some resort wedding chapels offer all-inclusive packages that eliminate the need for planning your special day. These packages might include flowers, photography, a wedding officiant, and even a small reception. By choosing one of the resort's wedding packages, you can have the wedding you've always wanted without having to deal with multiple vendors. Be sure to ask if the resort offers a wedding planner, as he or she can coordinate all of the small details for you. Ask for a list of package options, and ask if there are any a la carte options available as well. For example, you may want to book the photographer but don't have a need for wedding flowers. A la carte wedding options make it easier to plan exactly what you want for your big day.

Destination Locations

By choosing a resort wedding chapel, you can have a destination wedding that doesn't have to be set on the beach. You can find resort chapels all over the country, so you can select the location you love for your special day. Because the resorts also include hotel rooms, it's easy to book space for your honeymoon suite as well as rooms for your friends and family. Be sure to book a block of rooms when you set your wedding date so your loved ones all have the chance to stay in the same hotel.

Non-Religious Ceremonies

Not everyone wants to get married in a church, and resort wedding chapels provide the perfect backdrop for your special day without the need for a religious setting. This option offers a prettier setting than your local courthouse while still sticking to your religious beliefs. Some resorts offer access to officiants of all religious backgrounds, so you can even have a faith-based ceremony in a resort venue. You may also want to consider a resort chapel if you and your fiance come from different religious backgrounds, as it gives you a neutral location where both religions can be included in the ceremony.

Take a tour of the different resort wedding chapels you are interested in to make sure that both the hotel and the chapel offer everything you want. Once you've settled on a perfect venue, like Pristine Chapel Lakeside, you can begin coordinating the details with the chapel staff.