If you want to get married in a Las Vegas chapel, you need to understand that although there is not a waiting period for a marriage license in Nevada, like there is in many states, you still need to do some planning if you want to get married in a Las Vegas chapel.

Expect to Put Down a Deposit

In a city that never sleeps, there is always someone wanting to get married, which is why you are going to be required to put down a deposit for the specific date and time that you want to get married. If you are flying out to Las Vegas for the express purpose of getting married, you are going to want to call some chapels beforehand and find one that has availability and put down a deposit.

These deposits are generally small in comparison to what you would pay for a normal wedding, and will go towards the cost of the wedding.

You Can Get All Inclusive Packages

Most Las Vegas chapels sell packages that include photographs and other extras in addition to the ceremony and the wedding certificate. You should not have to bring anything other than yourself and your guests to the wedding.

The wedding chapel will take care of decorations, flowers, music, and even your vows. All you have to do is show up. You can generally customize your wedding if you like and change it up, but most Las Vegas chapels have general formulas that they follow, which is what allows them to perform so many weddings. It is actually one of the great benefits of getting married in Las Vegas—all you really need to worry about is showing up and your outfits.

There's No Wait for a Marriage License

One of the benefits of getting married in Las Vegas is that there is no wait for a marriage license and you don't have to take a blood test. You just need to have the money to pay for the marriage license. If you have been married before, you will be required to provide the month and year, as well as the city and state where your divorce was finalized in order to be granted a marriage license in the state of Las Vegas.

You have to fill out the application for a marriage license online. You can no longer fill out a paper marriage license application. Both spouses also have to be present at the Marriage License Bureau in order to be granted a marriage license. You will also need to bring in proper I.D. with you.

You will need to pick up your marriage license at the court house, which has very Las Vegas hours, and is open from 8am to 12am daily.

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