If you have decided have a beach wedding to celebrate you and your beloved's big moment, there are some special things you will need to consider when planning your day on the beach. This includes the timing of your wedding day. To make this part of the planning process easier and keep your day from being ruined by rain, crowds, or the tide, then find out the answers to the three questions below once you have picked out your desired location.

How Is the Weather at Different Times of the Year?

When deciding where to have your wedding, the first thing you want to find out is how the weather is for your preferred time of year. Depending on the location, the seasons can vary greatly. You can find this information by calling the local chamber of commerce nearest the beach.

For example, if you decide to have your wedding in Florida, you may want to avoid planning your wedding in the late summer and early autumn. This time of year is hurricane season, and you would hate to have to cancel because an unexpected tropical system rolled in the day before you are supposed to get married.

When Are the Peak Tourist Times?

Depending on you and your betrothed's personality, you may or may not want to have a large crowd of strangers around you while you say your vows. Because of this, you also want to find out when the peak tourist times are the area. For example, Florida may be jammed pack with college students around spring break, but June tends to calm down before the summer rush.

Another reason to find out the tourist seasons of your planned beach is the expense. Hotels, restaurants, and other services tend to increase their prices during these times, so if you are on a tight budget, you may want to find out when the off-season is.

What Time Do the Tides Roll in and Out?

When you have selected the day of your wedding after finding out the information suggested in the previous two sections, you should find out the timing of the tides to decide on the ideal time of day. Knowing when the high tides roll in can help keep you and your wedding party dry during the ceremony.

Once you know the answers to the above questions, you can combine them to decide on the right day for your wedding. However, if you are still unsure of how to best plan the timing of your wedding, you may want to consider speaking with a wedding coordinator like those at Beach Weddings Alabama who has experience with planning beach weddings.