Purchasing two bridal gowns, both a long, formal gown for the main ceremony and a short, stylish dress for the reception, can make your wedding day more enjoyable. This allows you to have the dress of your dreams or a more modest dress for a religious ceremony and still move around freely and enjoy your party. Alternatively, you may choose both a dress that reflects your cultural heritage and a more modern option. Whatever your reason for wanting to wear two wedding dresses, you will have to manage a discrete change of wardrobe sometime during your wedding day. Below are five ideas to make it easier. 

Keep Your Bridesmaids Close 

Formal wedding gowns can be just as difficult to take off as they are to put on. You should make sure your bridesmaids are prepared for your wardrobe change and are around to help you get out of your first dress and into your second. 

Change During Your Photo Session 

If you are doing a formal photo shoot, you may want to change halfway through it. This way you will have pictures of you in both of your wedding dresses. 

Make Sure Your Husband Is Visible While You Are Getting Changed 

If you do not want your guests to wonder whether you and your husband went off to consummate your marriage, make sure that he is highly visible while you are conducting your wardrobe change. Of course, you will probably be officially married when you change dresses, so if you want to take that time to consummate your marriage before your reception, that is your choice. 

Put Someone Else In Charge Of Taking Your Dress Home

Before your wedding, put one of your bridesmaids or another friend in charge of taking your dress home for you. They should also be in charge of remembering to bring a gown bag for your dress and storing it during the reception. This will let you concentrate on having a good time. 

Practice Your Change Without Messing Up Your Hair and Makeup

When you get dressed before your ceremony, you will probably have your hair and makeup artist on hand for last minute touch-ups. If they will not be with you when you make your change, you should practice getting out of your first dress and into your second without messing up your hair or makeup. 

If you can't decide between two dresses, or need two different looks for your wedding, buying two bridal gowns may be the perfect solution. However, make sure you prepare for a fast wardrobe change during your wedding day.