Planning your wedding is a fun, enjoyable time for the most part. However, one of the more stressful elements of wedding planning is deciding on the decorations. If you plan on having a large reception where all of your guests can sit, talk, and enjoy themselves, then most of your focus will probably be on decorating the reception venue, as this is where people will be spending the most time.

Granted, you may still want to decorate your wedding chapel or ceremony venue a bit, but if the reception is your main focus, then you don't have to go all-out for the ceremony itself. Here are a few ways to break the mold of traditional wedding decorations that will allow you to still create an elegant space at the ceremony venue without getting carried away:

Have Bows Along the Pews

If you don't want to do much in the way of decorations, you can just do something simple and get giant bows to attach to the inside pews in each row down the aisle. This is simple to do, and it should be fairly cheap. You can get the bows all in one color, or you can get several in each of your colors and alternate colors each row. For example, if your colors are teal, purple, and white, you can have one purple bow on a pew, then a teal one, then a white one, and so on until you are completely finished lining the inside of the aisle with the bows.

Decorate the Guestbook Table and Gift Table

If you really can't afford to do much decoration to your ceremony venue, then you can just get a nice tablecloth and some other accessories to decorate the table where the guestbook will be sitting. You can also do the same thing for the table where the gifts will be placed as guests enter the venue, and you can even do a little bit of decorating at the main entrance. This way, it will look like you put some effort into your decorations, but it won't be tacky or too overboard, and it shouldn't cost too much money in the long run.

Get An Aisle Runner and an Arch

Even if you are limiting the amount of decorating you are doing at the ceremony venue, or if you have no decorations at all, you can still make the area appear elegant by getting an aisle runner and putting it right in the place where the bride is going to walk to meet her husband.

The aisle runner by itself will suffice, but if you want to spruce it up a bit, you can add some rose petals to it in the colors of the wedding. Then, there should be an arch at the end where her husband and the pastor are standing. This will also look elegant and will certainly create a "bridal" atmosphere for the venue, even in the absence of other decorations.

Use Lighted Bridal Garlands

If you are still at a loss for what you should do to decorate, you can just get several lighted bridal garlands and wrap them around the pillars or columns of the area where the marriage will be taking place. You may not think this will look like much, but once you see all the garlands lit up, your mind will change quite a bit. (for more information on wedding chapels, contact Chapel of the Bells)

Focusing on your reception venue for the main set of decorations is not a bad thing, even if it means doing minimal decorating at your ceremony venue. However, if you want to do a little bit of decorating at your ceremony venue without being traditional and making the place look extravagant, you can use one of the methods mentioned above. This way, there will be a bridal elegance in the atmosphere, but you won't have to go crazy with planning for decorating time or with spending money. Therefore, your big day should be as wonderful and as stress-free as possible.